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Monday, April 20, 2009

Onahoua Rodriguez stars as Ceci in Lydia at the Mark Taper Forum

The show closes May 17th.


Check out Art Hsu as Johnny Vang in Crank: High Voltage

Art has been amazing to work with, he's a terrific actor and a great guy. He cleans up well too, sorry ladies, this one's already spoken for.



Sunday, April 19, 2009

Time Flies

It’s been over two months since this page has seen any action. Sorry for our absence, we are still working on the film.
I’ve given Love Song to several people to critique/review. For the most part the feedback has been good and most people like it. The people who have been the most enthusiastic have been my non-filmmaker friends. I had a small screening (friends and family) in NY and I was very happy with the response.

The film got ripped apart pretty badly by two people and it deflated me to the point that I could not watch it for over a month.
I watched it a few days ago, trying to look at it from a different perspective to see what I could improve/do better etc. I learned so much making this film and looking back I would have done a lot of things differently. The first one probably would have been to delegate more but the reality is that there are a lot of people who say they’ll come and help, you assign them a job and then they back out at the last minute. That person who flaked left a void that needs to be filled and when there’s no one to take over you just need to step up and do it yourself.

I also had no money to pay for certain positions (production designer) so Matt and I decorated the house ourselves. At Brian’s suggestion and my pleading, Matt stepped in to edit. His priority is being a cinematographer so he works on Love Song when he’s between jobs.

As a director you need to be in charge of your set and I did the best I could with the resources I had. I am grateful to the cast and crew for going above and beyond. To have Ian & Jared (sound guys) help move furniture, Justin clapping the slate because we were short handed, Frederick downloading the footage along with all the other responsibilities he had as Matt’s right hand, Casey as the A.D/G&E/Dolly Grip/Transportation (I’m sure there’s stuff I’m leaving out) but you get the point, I wasn’t the only one doing more than one job. That’s not the norm, that’s not how I want to work but that’s what we had and that’s what we did.

All of that said, I still like the film, no, I LOVE the film. I am very proud of it and hopefully I will get the chance to do this again soon and I will bring what I learned in the first film to the second film.
The next step is for Matt to make minor edits. I am waiting on feedback from my mentor, I hope she likes it and if she doesn’t then maybe she can give me tips to make it better.

It is my goal to have the picture locked by June 1st.

I will keep you posted.



About The Three Shorts

Christine Le wrote and directed the 1st story Love 10 to 1.
The first story explores the life of a 29-year-old virgin, Jenny, who desperately wants to lose her virginity before her 30th birthday. As she encounters one loser after another on dates, Jenny pines after her boss, Dustin. While at her grandmother’s retirement home, Jenny learns a powerful lesson from her grandmother about sex and the meaning of life.

Christine Le (right) directs Shireen Nomura Mui (Jenny) & Justin Klosky (Jim).

Lucy Rodriguez wrote and directed Love Song.
The second story revolves around Shane, the lead singer of the L.A. rock band, Dirty Virgin. Shane has her pick of admirers but it’s her roommate Dustin she wants to be with. Shane confesses her feelings on Jackie and Jared’s show but when Dustin meets Cali, Shane’s shot at love starts to dwindle. With Dirty Virgin about to embark on a world tour, will Dustin realize that he’s the object of Shane’s affections? Will they risk their friendship to give this Love Song a chance?

Lucy Rodriguez & David Villar (Dustin)

Laura Somers wrote and directed Diving Lessons.
The final story picks up where Love 10 to 1 left off, but from the perspective of Jim, the guitarist of Dirty Virgin. Jim sees Jenny at a swimming pool, trying desperately to overcome her fear of diving. In fact, he finds out that she’s making a list of everything that she’s afraid of and trying to overcome them, one by one. He is instantly smitten and tries to convince her that he’s not just a rock star who ‘loves ‘em and leaves ‘em’. Can a rock star find love with a virgin?

Shireen Nomura-Mui, Laura Somers & Justin Klosky

Leah Anova is the Director of Photography for Love 10 to 1 & Diving Lessons.

Additional Cinematography on Diving Lessons by Erik Forsell

Matthew Boyd is the Director of Photography for Love Song.